228 Fourth Avenue -PO Box 1512
Havre, Montana 59501
(406) 265-7871
Serving the Collection Needs of Montana Businesses Since 1959
Credit Bureau of Havre offers receivables recovery on a contingency fee basis.  This means we do not get paid until you get paid.  We service all businesses, large and small and all types of receivables. 

Types of receivable we commonly collect on include: 
We collect accounts receivable which include the following types of clients.

Medical Accounts:
(Clients include: hospitals, clinics, private practice physicians and dentists)

(Clients include: gas and electric companies, telephone companies)

Government Agencies:
(Clients include: municipalities and county governments)

Financial institutions:
(Clients include: credit unions and banks)

Professional Businesses:
(Clients include: CPA’s and Attorney’s)

We collect on NSF Checks.

We collect NSF checks for any business that accepts checks as a form of payment. Upon recovery from the consumer NSF checks are paid back to the client at 100% of the face value of the check.  The service fee, which is allowed by Montana Law, is retained by Credit Bureau of Havre. 

We collect on commercial accounts as well - commercial accounts include any account owed from one business to another
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